Toy Discrimination

My 2 year old A is obsessed with her Little People. She decided a long time ago that the mommy, daddy and baby that came with her house represented her REAL Mommy, Daddy and baby sister. Shortly after she played with these things obsessively and kept asking where she was, we got her an A doll. After a couple weeks of this, we had our friends Dan and Larissa over. The day after they were here, A declared that these two plastic dolls she had were Dan and Larissa.

Meet Mommy, Daddy, Baby, A and Dan.

Dan and Larissa aren’t technically Little People. They professionally drive dump trucks for an educational toy collection.

Since Dan and Larissa don’t technically belong in the Little People world, A routinely discriminates against them. They are not allowed to go to barn or roof parties. If I try to put them inside the barn during a party, they are quickly thrown out.

They are denied most of the privileges of the other Little People. They’re not allowed to ride the horse or cow. They can’t drink from the water bucket, apple crate, drink from the milk bottle or eat doll A’s carrot.

When Dan is allowed to play with the other Little People, he is mean to them and generally very violent. (I should note here that real life Dan has been nothing but a gentleman to A.)

Often Dan and Larissa also get pushed under the couch. I’m pretty sure all of this poor treatment is due to toy discrimination. If Dan and Larissa were actually Little People, maybe they would be treated better? Who knows. The doll that represents A’s grandmother, Nonni, comes from a MegaBloks horse stable set. It took a couple weeks, but Nonni was eventually allowed into roof and barn parties. Maybe Dan and Larissa are just excluded because A doesn’t know them well enough?

We’ll never know for sure, but for now I feel badly for our professional dump truck drivers. It’s hard work to drive a dump truck. They should get a little more respect.

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