Kids Play: It’s a Build-a-Bear Emergency!

For months now, my daughter’s Build-a-Bear (er, puppy) Woof Woof has been going everywhere with us naked. When Woof Woof was “born”, I tried to convince A to get her clothes, but she adamently refused them.

Five months later, out of nowhere (or perhaps somewhere because a week later she finally potty trained) A declared that Woof Woof needed underwear. Absolutely. I mean, of course Woof Woof needs underwear! What could I do but race to the nearest Build-a-Bear to remedy this situation? If Woof Woof needs underwear, maybe Woof Woof (and her owner) is ready to be potty trained! We can’t pass up that opportunity!

Woof Woof chose pink Hello Kitty underwear, an excellent choice, but it just seemed a little obscene to have a puppy running around in just her underwear. A t-shirt and underwear seemed a lot less vulgar.

I asked A that day if Woof Woof needed pants. If she said yes, I would have happily bought them, but she was pretty insistent that Woof Woof should NOT wear pants and should just wear underwear. Alrighty then. I was a little embarrassed for Woof Woof, but A is the boss of Woof Woof’s apparel.

The next day A declared that it was wrong for Woof Woof to be going out in public in just underwear. Woof Woof needed pants! I agreed. If only she’d decided this 24 hours beforehand! When I told her we could go get pants, she thought I meant immediately and that every trip we took was to Build-a Bear.

And that’s how we ended up taking two emergency trips to Build-a-Bear in two days.

Has anything like this ever happened to you or am I just a big sucker? Share your funny toy stories, pictures and videos on this blog by emailing them to



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  2. I just got Katey the candy corn teddy and when were stuffing Katey I found someone that who when I buying Holly the chick and when I stuffing Daphne the peace bear and I did got a witch outfit and Katey was a witch:)

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