Kids Play: Possessed Dolly

This may look like an innocent doll, but really she’s possessed and may possibly be plotting to kill us.

We’ve had this doll for 18 months and she has never spoken. Earlier this week when my baby was playing with her, I kept hearing a very clear “hi”, “bye” and “see you”. I kept wondering if my baby was saying this. She can say “hi” and possibly “bye” and there’s any number of syllables she could combine to sound like “see you”. Then I realized that sometimes I was hearing these words when the baby’s mouth wasn’t moving.

Suddenly it occurred to me that the DOLL was talking. The doll who hadn’t spoken in the entire 18 month (or longer!) period of time we’ve had her was suddenly saying three different things. Sure, the doll had a giggle function, but no words had ever come out of her mouth before. How on earth did she learn to talk?

Surely she must be possessed! My husband and I decided we were clearly in a “Twilight Zone” episode. The doll was weirding us out! We feared she was planning our murders. We considered throwing her out, but then we worried that if we threw her out we’d only anger her more– then we’d be goners for sure.

In the end, I decided to investigate the doll further and discovered, deep beneath her outer back zipper in a place I could barely reach, she had a mode switch. I’ve come to the conclusion that for the past 18 months this doll has been on “Demo” mode and somehow, perhaps by being knocked around by children, her switch got knocked over to “Play”. “Play” mode includes the three phrases and a giggle.

And that’s the rational explanation of how our creepy doll started talking after 18 months of relative silence.

I still say she’s possessed and quite possibly plotting our murders. If there is never another post on this blog, the doll killed us.

This is not my first experience with a “possessed” talking toy, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. Share your “possessed” toy stories for publication on this blog by emailing them to



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8 Responses to Kids Play: Possessed Dolly

  1. Rachel

    That’s so funny! We have that same doll. Play mode does sound possessed, so we keep her in demo mode.

  2. Becca

    Sing. And. Snore! Thank god he stopped talking when we removed the batteries and placed him in the far reaches of the basement! I would have lost my mind if he had uttered a single word after that!

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  4. hayleypeanut

    i have been googling possessed toys for my friend, her daughter is six years old and was playing in her bedroom whilst my friend was in the next room getting herself ready for the day. Whilst doing her hair she heard “hug me mommy” i love you mommy” her daughter ran into her bedroom with this doll. she asked where she had got the doll. Her daughter replied “i dont know i just found it in my bedroom”. The doll was made of cheap plastic and did have a battery section under its cheap clothing, however the doll looks like its worth £1 so couldnt possibly have sensors in it. it spoke with a high pitched american accent. When her daughter picked the doll up it said “hug me mommy. and when she hugged it, it then said “i love you mommy”. my friend called me to tell me about this doll, she told me to listen it to it, low and behold it wouldnt talk. no matter how much my friend poke prodded, hugged or pressed the doll would not talk. we cannot explain why the doll will talk for the child and not for her mum?? any ideas???

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