Kids Play: Stomach Flu Jamie

Nicole’s daughter L has a baby doll named Jamie who has become a member of the family. Jamie has been known to join in family pictures and wear matching dresses with L and her sister G. Jamie does everything that L does, including get sick.

Sometimes Jamie gets so sick she has to throw up in her toy toilet.

When Jamie gets sick, L goes into full doctor play mode. L gives Jamie a very complete check-up including listening to her chest with a stethoscope, taking her temperature with an ear thermometer and, most importantly, suctioning Jamie’s nose. What check-up wouldn’t be complete without some booger-sucking?

Once the check-up is complete, Jamie gets a dose of medicine.

And, of course, once Jamie had her medicine she was magically well enough to go to the beauty salon to get her non-existent hair cut and styled. Her equally bald twin sister Jessie also needed a cut and style. I hope that stomach flu wasn’t contagious!

Thanks for the submission, Nicole!

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  1. Jane

    Cute! But the copy editor in me can’t get past this line “Jamie has been none” … shouldn’t it be “Jamie has been known”?

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