Kids Play: The Secret Bear

This may look like an ordinary (Dora) dollhouse bed, but it contains a secret.

It has a secret trunk compartment. You press a button on the pillow, and this trunk pops out.

If you were 3 years old and faced with a tiny hidden compartment to a dollhouse bed, what would you do with it? That’s right, you’d put some “treasure” in it. In this case, the “treasure” is the bear that came with the Diego action figure.

That bear is never NOT in that compartment. It is where he lives, with the trunk pushed back into the bed. It always amuses me to pop the trunk out, open it and find this tiny little bear surprise inside it!

If you take the bear out and put him somewhere else, my daughter will find him and put him back immediately.

What quirky and funny things do your children do with their toys? Please submit your pictures, videos and stories to


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