Kids Play: Toy Story Friends Devoured

I just discovered this in this playroom.

“Wow,” you say. “That sure is a big Mr. Potato Head… but wait… what is that behind his eyes? Is that? It can’t be… It is!”

That’s right. It’s a Woody doll from the “Toy Story” movies. “There’s a snake in my boot, but Mr. Potato Head still ate me!” says Woody. Doesn’t he look scared? The casing is making his mouth look like he’s in distress!

If that weren’t bad enough, when I turned Mr. Potato Head, I discovered he also ate Cowgirl Jessie!

I have no idea how these events transpired. All I found is circumstantial evidence of something that was clearly hilarious. I wish I’d been paying more attention this morning!

What hilarity do you find in your playroom? Send your funny toy stories and pictures to for publication on this blog.


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