Bizarre Book Illustrations: Bert and Ernie do “Wizard of Oz”

In honor of Purple Day, Bert and Ernie are showing their spirit and pride.

This illustration is from the “Sesame Street” book “Best Friends”. I don’t think the illustrators intended it to be a gay pride drawing, but I’m not sure what other conclusion to come to from a “Wizard of Oz”-themed drawing where Ernie is dressed like Dorothy to oil up Bert.

I’m all for the depiction of gay characters on “Sesame Street”. I just wish Ernie and Bert would show their pride out in the open and come out of the closet. I can’t think of a better message of acceptance to show to kids than “Sesame Street” embracing an openly gay Ernie and Bert.

All that said, this illustration strikes me as odd and accidental and made me laugh at the illustrators for what they probably unintentionally implied.

What bizarre illustrations have you found in your child’s book? Share them on this blog by sending them to


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