How many toys are in your kid’s bed?

Lily isn’t too choosy about most of her bedtime routine, but one part has to be absolutely precise. She has five blankets that must ceremoniously be put on her bed in a certain order, four stuffed animals and a “Boots Dora” pillow. If the blankets, stuffed animals or pillow aren’t there, she will cry and cry and never go to sleep.

Even though she’s been sleeping in a big girl bed since she climbed out of her bed at 17 months old, she refuses to sleep in anything but a Pack-N-Play when we travel. It can’t just be ANY Pack-N-Play (we have three for a variety of comedic reasons), it has to be her ELEPHANT Pack-N-Play. So, we end up having a Pack-N-Play stuffed to the brim with a 3-year-old, four stuffed animals and five blankets.

It ends up looking something like this:

Except back then there were actually MORE stuffed animals that had to be there. Some have fallen out of bed over time and she’s forgotten she “needs” them.

I’m hoping that someday soon she gets over this blanket and stuffed animal obsession or at least allows me to thin down the pack. When we travel, I have to take an entire laundry basket full of her bedtime props. Since we also have a baby here, I have to bring two Pack-N-Plays. It’s a good thing we have a mini-van!

In talking to other parents about this, I’ve learned that Lily isn’t the only one who is finicky about bedtime props. My friends have toddlers who have certain blankets that need to go in a certain order, and certain stuffed animals too. However, my friends all say they are able to thin the herd down when they travel. I once accidentally forgot the “Boots Dora” pillow and she was so upset she refused to step foot in the Pack N Play. We had to snuggle her to sleep every night of that trip because she truly looked terrified and distraught over the missing pillow. It was not a tantrum.

So, until she shows signs of being ready, we are traveling with a menagerie and far more blankets and pillows than she’ll ever need.

What ridiculous things do your children insist must be included in their bedtime routine? How many stuffed animals are in their beds? Is your child sleeping with five blankets in the summer?



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