TV Tuesday: What’s Up with Diego’s Voice?

The first time I watched a Diego crossover episode “Dora the Explorer”, I thought I was losing my mind. Diego showed up on the screen, which was fun and all to see him out of context. Everything was great until he spoke.

I don’t know who that was supposed to be, but it wasn’t Diego! Diego on “Dora” sounds so different from Diego on “Go Diego! Go!” that it’s almost like someone cloned Diego or stole his soul and sent him to “Dora”. He might look like Diego, but the proof of his being a clone, possessed or a zombie is the voice.

It might look like Diego, but it’s not him! It’s not! It’s creepy to hear him speak in that other voice.

For the last year and a half, I’ve been upset over this Diego mystery. I just didn’t understand why Nickelodeon wouldn’t have Diego’s actor go do the guest spots on “Dora”. It’s not like his show was on another network that would cause it to be a breech of contract. I just didn’t get it! They should have at least found an actor who sounded remotely like Diego to fill in for him over on “Dora”. Or not done the episodes at all. Something.

Well, never fear, for the sanity of my Kids Play the Darndest Things readers (or at least myself. I doubt anyone else cares much or even noticed) I have done some research. The reason Diego sounded possessed in that episode is that the first several times he appeared on “Dora”, his show wasn’t even released yet. He started appearing on Dora in 2003. Jake T. Austin, the actor that played Diego on “Go Diego! Go!” from 2005-2008, wasn’t playing him yet.

That explains an awful lot.

I’d also noticed that Diego sounded a little bit different lately. Not as disembodied as he does on “Dora” episodes, but just not quite like himself.

Sure enough, a new actor took over Diego’s voice in 2008. He’s currently voiced by Brandon Zambrano. I must say, they did a much better job matching voices this time around. I’m not nearly as disturbed by the new voice as I am by the old voice.

I still don’t understand why the original Diego voice had to be so completely different than what his voice is on “Go Diego! Go!” when they know they rerun the episodes in such abundance, but I guess I’ll survive.

Please tell me I am not the only one who obsesses over cartoon voices.



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5 Responses to TV Tuesday: What’s Up with Diego’s Voice?

  1. Daisy

    I’m watching Go Diego Go right now and I’m freaked out because Dora is on and doesn’t sound right. I haven’t watched either show in months. Did Dora get a new voice actress?!

    • From what I can tell, there have been at least 3 Doras. I have no idea if they even use the current voice of Dora when they have her guest star on “Diego” or the current voice of Diego when he crosses over to “Dora”. The information is harder to find than you would think! I’m sure it’s there somewhere, but if it’s not readily available on Wikipedia or IMDB, I move on. :)

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  3. Xalleah

    The old Diego voice is soo annoying to me after I have watched Go Diego go. I at first thought I was imagining it then I looked it up too and yeah they are actually different actors. It really really bothers me because the old voice is so much deeper. My daughter doesn’t seem to notice.

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