“Soon” means “Now”

I’ll let you in on a secret: We bought Lily a Buzz Lightyear doll for Hanukkah. Shhhhh… don’t tell.

Today I was putting out feelers to make sure she even wanted a Buzz doll. In the past, it’s seemed like she doesn’t like Buzz or might even be scared of him. When she got her birthday gift cards, she chose every other Toy Story character over getting him (or a big sandbox or a giant Dora doll).

If you watch the “Toy Story” movies from the perspective of a 3-year-old, it make sense why Lily doesn’t like Buzz. There are moments in each of the three movies where Buzz comes off as a bad guy. In the first “Toy Story”, Buzz threatens Woody’s place as favorite toy. In “Toy Story 2″, there’s a Buzz clone from the toy store who doesn’t understand he’s a toy and threatens the mission to rescue Woody. In “Toy Story 3″ (spoiler alert), Buzz gets reprogrammed and turns against the other toys.

Given three instances of bad Buzz moments, I can understand why Lily might not like Buzz or want him to be a member of her “Toy Story Friends toys” (that’s what she calls them).

Today I asked Lily if she wanted a Buzz and she got completely excited. She is only 3, so where her logic took her next really amused me. “We have to go get Buzz! He’s at Toys R Us! We have to go to Toys R Us and get Buzz! I have to put my shirt on. Where are my pants? I need shoes. We have to go now.”

She thought if I even mentioned getting Buzz, we all had to pile into the car and go to Toys R Us immediately! She wanted him RIGHT THEN.

Oops. She has to wait at least 2.5 more weeks before Buzz will actually become a member of her toy family.

Next time I won’t ask. I mean, we have every other Toy Story cast member (except the green alien guys Lily calls “the green toys”), clearly she wouldn’t object to having a Buzz Lightyear (a talking model was on sale at the Disney Store for $20! I’d never seen them for less than $35!).

Seeing her excitement makes me impatient for Hanukkah even though it starts WAY too early this year. Making Hanukkah start December 1 is just cruel! It’s hard to shop in time and I know I can’t be the only one who forgets about the presents she just got 2 weeks ago when everyone else in the world is hitting the motherload December 25. Lunar Jewish calendar, I beseech you to take more care in the future! If Hanukkah must be corrupted and overblown because of Christmas and commercialization, it should at least wait to start until mid-December. Enough with the December 1 nonsense already!


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