Toy Industry Rant: Unacceptable Boots Toy

I’ve written before about the unfair Boots/Dora toy ratio in most toy stores and Dora paraphernalia. Since I posted that, I’ve been especially sure to look over the Dora section at the toy store to make sure Boots is underrepresented. He always is. Often he’s not there at all. Then, the other day I discovered this monstrosity.

This is Baby Boots Sitter Dora the Explorer. Dora is Baby Boots baby sitter. What the heck is that all about?

I know I’m reading too much into this, but seriously? No. This is completely and utterly wrong. Boots is the same age as Dora. He is not a baby. He should not be baby-worn by Dora. He is her equal. They are friends. Turning Boots into a baby is degrading to Boots!

Boots should be swinging from trees and singing about adventures. He should not be riding around strapped to Dora’s chest while sucking on a bottle.

This toy is an insult to Boots Monkey! I rather not have Boots on the toy shelf at all than to have this monstrosity smiling down on me. Since when is Dora big enough to be baby-sitting anyway? If there has to be a Baby Boots product, he should be marketed with a Baby Dora product (such a product probably already exists, but I’m just saying).

I know. It’s fun. It’s make-believe. But it’s make-believe in a way that’s… monkey-ist. If there’s a Baby Boots strapped to Dora’s chest, there should be a Dora strapped to Boots’ chest. Why does Boots have to play the baby? It would be one thing if there had been a ton of other Boots products in the store, but this was the only Boots toy there. How unfair and inaccurate to Dora’s co-explorer!

Boots Monkey, I support you in what I’m sure is your outrage over this travesty of a toy! (If only the fictional cartoon show Boots could answer me, right?)

Next time I see a Boots toy in the store, he better be doing something equal to Dora and not just her pawn in some baby-sitting role playing game (which sounds a little perverted, no?). Boots is no sidekick. He’s a co-star and he deserves to be treated with respect!*

*Boots Monkey endorses this statement. He was running for political office, but sadly lost the election Tuesday.


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