Weird Sesame Street Video

My daughters love this video. I agree it’s a catchy tune, but the every time I watch it I’m torn between being amused and disturbed. Perhaps I am disturbingly amused?

Ok, so Ernie’s naked in the bathtub, which is ok. Questionable, but ok. He’s singing, and it’s all cute, but then suddenly all the other “Sesame Street” characters are peeking in on him through the door and window. A little bit creepy, right? I mean, they sound great in the chorus, but should they really be spying on Ernie taking a bath?

Perhaps I would let the peeping tom stuff slide, but it doesn’t end there!!! The muppets start popping out of the water in the bathtub. Ew! What are they doing in there with Ernie?! How is this appropriate but Katy Perry in a low-cut top is not?!

Seriously, if this isn’t a “Sesame Street” orgy, I don’t know what is!


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