Giving or Taking?

After reading about Shel Silverstein’s picture on this blog, my friend Dayna directed me to this fabulous video by Second City about “The Giving Tree”.

Merry Christmas! You can thank me for sharing this video with you later.

The video pretty much depicts how I felt about “The Giving Tree” when I read it as an adult. I remember the tree being so selfless when I read this book as a kid. Reading it as an adult, I thought the boy was a jackass and the tree was being abused and raped of its essence. It’s really kind of sick to think about someone allowing the person she loves to literally cut her in half to get what he wants– and being HAPPY he did that to her.

It’s pretty gross. Yet I suppose it’s still about giving and loving and wonderfulness somehow.

I’m having trouble seeing it though.

FYI: I have big blogging plans the week of January 3 for a series of posts about “Sesame Street”. Be sure to check it out!


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  1. Katie S

    OMG that video is awesome!

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