Toy Analysis: Hanukkah Little People

I was delighted when my friend Liz sent me a link to Hanukkah Little People. Before I could even ask, my grandmother saw the link to them on facebook and had ordered them for the girls. We opened them on the first night of Hanukkah Wednesday and they are a big hit.

I love the toy and am excited to add it to our Little People universe. If you are Jewish, I highly recommend ordering one. That said, a few things about this kit make me laugh.

Check out who is doing all the cooking. It’s a little hard to see, so I took my own picture of it.

That’s right. Mom has a spoon forever cemented to her hand so she make matzoh ball soup for all of eternity. You could argue that the spoon is there for eating, but it’s clear in the advertising picture that she is meant to cook. Not only is she meant to cook, but no one is helping, not even the grandmother. The grandmother is holding a present. Grandmothers don’t cook; they give presents!

Why isn’t Dad helping in the kitchen?

He’s too busy getting drunk. My, that wine glass is full!

Given the head-coverings on these Little People, I’m guessing they are Orthodox Jews, but how do they keep good strict kosher with only one refrigerator? I’m only a Reform Jew with a love of pork bacon so my knowledge of keeping strict kosher is limited, but it’s always been my understanding that Orthodox Jews keep two refrigerators and two sets of plates to keep meat and dairy completely separate. I don’t think these Orthodox Little People are doing it!

Is that ham I see on the top shelf? Gotta love the giant cake on the bottom shelf.

And if that weren’t enough, there’s the Star of David AND a not-a-menorah on the refrigerator door… it only has five candles in it. How would we know this was a Jewish family if they didn’t have religious (and inaccurate) refrigerator art? I know my refrigerator is always covered with Star of Davids. If the Star of Davids weren’t all over my refrigerator, I’d never remember that I am Jewish.

I really do love this set and how it makes our holiday feel a little more mainstream. It just makes me giggle for inappropriate reasons.

Happy Hanukkah, everyone!



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  1. Drinkin’ Daddy kills me. It may be that the random dog is helping Mommy in the kitchen.

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