Toy Industry Rant: What were they thinking?

Recently we were at the mall when my husband saw this monstrosity (which is also sort of a “Toy Story 3″ Spoiler if you haven’t seen it yet):

It’s called Toy Story Trash Compactor Escape. It’s the Lego version of the trash compactor and incinerator scene from the end of “Toy Story 3″. You know, the scene where the toys face their own mortality, try to escape from death, but ultimately decide to face their deaths with dignity? (I really really thought they might die for real).

Here’s another shot of it. If you can’t tell from the pictures, it includes the pit of fire the toys tumbled toward helplessly after Lotso tricked them into their almost certain death.

Who decided that the most emotional and disturbing scene I’ve ever seen in a children’s movie should be a toy? It’s a scene about death and here is a toy where kids get to play that their toys are about to be burned to bits. How is this a healthy thing to play?

Anyway, that was the biggest WTF toy I’ve ever seen. Actually, I give credit to my husband who pulled me over and said “You have to see this. This belongs on your blog!”

It does indeed.

What’s further bizarre about this toy is that all the reviews of it on multiple sites are positive! Not one person questioned the wrongness of having their kids rebuild and reenact the upsetting near-death scene in “Toy Story 3″. Maybe my kids are just too young for me to understand why this is a good toy for older kids but I seriously don’t get it. There’s nothing fun or funny in reenacting the scene in which the toys stop struggling and quietly take each other’s hands to face what seems to be the end.

What’s even more amazing is that this toy cost $60 at the Borders where we saw it. People are paying upwards of $60 to help their children reenact the near-death scene.

I just can’t wrap my mind around that.

I wonder what other bizarre toy scenarios Lego has available. A big Google search is in my near future.



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6 Responses to Toy Industry Rant: What were they thinking?

  1. Jane

    We’ve got very far indeed from wooden blocks, pyramids & dollies. Looks like the toy industry will do pretty much anything for a buck these days. Sad. If I ever have kids, they’re getting books & wooden toys. I’ve heard from various friends who are parents that kids actually prefer every-day objects sometimes to “real” toys. Have you found that to be the case?

    • Oh yes. My kids especially love big cardboard boxes and spoons. We have a lot of different kinds of toys here, including some Toy Story toys, but I think this Lego set goes over the edge of what’s ok in toys. It’s fun to reenact a movie, but kids reenacting a death scene is just wrong!

  2. Maria

    Good lord! They even have FLAMES? What were they thinking? I wonder if they will pull this?

  3. litlebanana

    Wow, that is mega disturbing. Although weirdly enough, as disturbing as that scene was in the movie, Melanie didn’t react to it badly when she was watching. She was in tears when the toys were in the trash bag, about to go in the garbage truck, but she didn’t seem to get upset by the fiery near death scene. Maybe it’s somehow only horrible for adults.

    • The fiery death scene made her climb in our laps at the theater, but at home she’s fine with it. I don’t think she knows what it means, or she remembers that they made it out. I still get emotional at that scene, however.

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