TV Tuesday: There’s No Swiping on Christmas

If you have a 3 year old, you’ve probably seen the Dora Christmas Carol episode at least once since its debut last year. It was on tv at least twice today alone. As part of my insane dedication to this blog, today I actually turned it on and half paid attention. I stopped paying attention to Dora a long time ago, so this is a big deal. Here are my observations:

*Santa punishes Swiper for swiping on Christmas. Swiper ultimately agrees to stop swiping… but apparently only on Christmas? In all the new episodes since this episode aired, Swiper is still swiping. I guess it’s only bad to swipe when it’s Christmas, otherwise steal away! Santa doesn’t care!

*When Dora and Swiper travel to the past, all of the characters are exactly the same age, including the Grumpy Old Troll. How old could the troll be if he was a baby at the same time as Dora, Boots and the gang? While he’s a baby, the Grumpy Old Troll sings the Grumpy Old Troll theme song. This makes no sense because he’s a baby. He should sing “I’m a Grumpy Baby Troll” at that point.

*When they go to the future, all the characters have aged at the same rate except for Swiper who is sporting an old man beard. Apparently foxes age exponentially faster than squirrels, iguanas, monkeys, bulls, trolls and people.

*Future Dora’s head is about half the width of current pumpkin head Dora. I guess as she grows up, her head will shrink. While it works in her favor, it’s weird. You’d think this would make her lose brain cells.

*Santa talking at the beginning and end of the episode was kind of creepy.

*Swiper contemplates swiping a bone from a dog when in a prior episode it’s revealed that Swiper loves dogs, owns Dora’s dog’s twin and would never ever swipe from a dog. I guess he forgot about on Christmas.

*Swiper learns the meaning of Christmas: making sure you get a lot of presents from Santa by being good on Christmas Day only. (He also learned to share, but again that seems to have been a one time thing.)

I much prefer the “Wonder Pets” Christmas episode where they end up using all the gifts they gave each other to help save a baby reindeer. Santa repays them for their good deed by giving them back the very presents they lost, only better.



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3 Responses to TV Tuesday: There’s No Swiping on Christmas

  1. Ah yeah. You also forgot Map ages as well. And that Swiper also learns to entertain babies.

    • Oh yeah! Steve pointed out Map while it was on! Should have taken notes!

      I also found it interesting that Swiper didn’t like seeing babies cry even though he’s perfectly ok with taking away children’s prized possessions.

  2. D.

    I’ve never seen the Dora Christmas special, but I have to admit that I LOVE the Wonder Pets one.

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