Watch Out on Those Dollhouse Purchases

I’ve written before about how Boots doesn’t come with the Dora Magical Welcome House and the trauma this caused to my then 2-year-old. Another mom, Katie, has sent in pictures of an advertisement for the Dora Windows Surprise Dollhouse.

Looks like it comes with a bunch of stuff, right? I mean, you’d think a plastic dollhouse would come with a couple of accessories. Well, be careful. As I learned with our Dora’s Magical Welcome dollhouse, they aren’t even thoughtful enough to include Boots in the dollhouse– only Dora. Check out this product description from Amazon:

“Included are a Dora figure and a couch but you can add on and decorate your dollhouse with additional figures, furniture and accessories (each sold separately).”

So, you get a couch and a Dora. Woo hoo! Fun times playing with Dora talking to herself and sitting on a couch only.

Take a look at the Boots accessory pack you can buy separately:

A couple of things bother me about this. A) Why does Boots always come with Isa instead of Dora? Boots and Isa very rarely talk and they certainly don’t go together more than Boots goes with Dora. If anything, Isa and Tico should be sold together, not Boots and Isa. B) Why the hell is Boots wearing a raincoat?!

I am again insulted for Boots.

But I really wrote this to remind you as you do your holiday shopping to read the labels carefully. I know on our Magical Welcome Dollhouse the packaging was designed to make it look like it included all the characters and a bunch of furniture. It didn’t. From what I can tell from these pictures, the packaging for the Windows Surprise house is similarly misleading.

In short, good luck out there! I hope when your kids open their toys this holiday season, there are no meltdowns resulting in a week-long search for the figurine of a secondary tv character.


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