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One of the things that makes me saddest about “Sesame Street” lately is that a lot of characters have had their roles taken over by new characters. Take Kermit, for instance. Kermit used to make pretty regular apperances on “Sesame Street”, but now, as far as I’ve seen, he’s completely disappeared. The other day when I was watching Prairie Dawn did a Muppet News Flash instead of Kermit. Why on earth would anyone take over Kermit’s job as reporter? He does such a great job!

Murray also seems to have taken over Kermit’s role as a reporter. Murray is one of the few new muppets I actually like, but I’d still rather have more Kermit and less Murray. In “Word on the Street”, Murray interviews people about the meaning of words, then throughout “Sesame Street”, Murray introduces what’s coming up next.

Even though Snuffy is technically still around, for some reason they’ve created a new elephant character. Horatio the elephant is the most annoying and strangest looking muppet I’ve ever seen. I hate him the most of all the muppets. I had trouble finding a video to illustrate my justified hatred and that makes me hate him even more. Horatio shows up at about 3:20.

Why, “Sesame Street”, why?

And of course, there is the ultimate muppet swap. Grover is still around, if just barely, but Elmo has taken over most of his roles in “Sesame Street” skits. Elmo’s personality is a lot like Grover’s, only Elmo is more annoying and red and Grover is funnier and blue. Here’s what I mean by Elmo taking over Grover’s role. Grover used to play an antagonist to Kermit.

Here’s Elmo playing Grover’s role as Kermit’s antagonist.

Yes, Kermit is no longer on (as far as I’ve seen), but I feel like this shows how Elmo slowly moved in to outplace Grover. Grover is still around, but his role has been minimized. It really is a shame because Grover is much more funny than Elmo. He has great physical comedy.

As with all my other posts this week, I don’t understand why “Sesame Street” tried to fix something that wasn’t broken. “Sesame Street” was great with the old characters and I think today’s kids would like those old chracters as much as we did. When we play classic “Sesame Street” clips on youtube for my daughter, she asks for the ones with Grover and Kermit over and over again. Why not keep wonderful skits like these alive on “Sesame Street” today instead of overfilling the time with new characters and animated segments that aren’t nearly as funny and, in my opinion, not as educational either?

Stay tuned tomorrow when I wrap up “Sesame Street” week with my thoughts on “Elmo’s World”.



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4 Responses to Muppet Swap

  1. Susan

    We don’t have tv, but we’ve seen this horrible movement from classic characters to garbage. (Elmo is garbage in my mind, as is anything CG/claymation in comparison to muppets.) That’s why we only buy the videos with the characters we like, and with the actual muppets.

  2. Nicole

    My girls are big Elmo fans and where as I like him sometimes (he can be annoying- but then again he is supposed to be 3 years old… and sometimes 3 year olds are annoying!) I think they should do less Elmo and Abby and more of the old school Sesame Street with Grover, Bert, Ernie and Big Bird. We love watching the old Sesame Street episodes over here and of course, Play with me Sesame is a favorite too since Grover, Bert, Ernie, Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster mostly star in that show :)

    Can’t wait to hear what you think about Elmo’s World!

  3. Joyce

    They don’t really let Snuffleupagus be on the show much anymore because he is supposed to be Big Birds imaginary friend and they don’t want to encourage children to have imaginary friends. I guess Sesame Street does not want to encourage children to use their imaginations.

    • It was a mystery whether or not Snuffy was real or not for several years because he was too shy to meet Big Bird’s friends. He is actually real and not imaginary. He’s still around, they just don’t use him as much.

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