One is Never Enough

With the recent “Toy Story 3″ binge that’s been going on at our house (and, from what I gather, most houses with small children in them), my 3-year-old became very aware of something that was missing from her nearly complete Toy Story collection– The Pizza Planet aliens.

While we were at Babies R Us, my 1-year-old squealed with joy when we went down the doll aisle. She grabbed a doll that gives kisses, which combines her two great loves– dolls and giving kisses. It was such a perfect doll for her and only $10, so I went ahead and spoiled her even though I had no plans to buy toys today. We were there for diapers.

The trouble with having both kids with you at a toy store is you can’t spoil one without spoiling the other. I mean, you could, but when they are as little as my kids are, it really wouldn’t seem fair.

So we hunted down a Pizza Planet alien. I put the alien in the cart and my daughter immediately protested. “We need three of them!”

Indeed, there ARE three Pizza Planet aliens in the movie, but I thought considering our Bullseye and Rex only come up to Woody’s knees (not to scale AT ALL), we’d be ok without exactly the right amount of anything. I guess not. Luckily there was only one Pizza Planet alien in the store, so I used it as an excuse for why we only needed one. She was down with that, but said we need to go back for the other two later.

When we got home, my husband immediately asked me why I only bought one alien. “We need three! One is no good!” Nevermind that we’d be out 18 more dollars had I bought two more! Nevermind that we just had Hanukkah and Christmas and don’t need more toys. We must have the exact movie character set up at our house!

Like father, like daughter.


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