TV Tuesdays: Toy Story Preference

Warning: Contains “Toy Story 3″ Spoilers.

Of all the children’s movies I’ve ever seen, “Toy Story 3″ has the most upsetting moment. I was surprised when my 3-year-old watched it again and again with very little concern for the toys as they scrambled hopelessly through the tumbling debris whirling toward a pit of fire and their almost certain deaths.

Finally, the other day she asked me “What’s that orange?” She meant the fire. So she didn’t understand it! Ah, now I get the lack of concern for Woody’s safety. I explained what it was and that fire could hurt her and her Toy Story friends. Now she yells “That’s fire!” when she sees that scene, but still is not upset that the toys are in peril. Of course, at this point, she knows they will be ok, but that doesn’t seem to stop her from getting upset during scary moments in other shows and movies she’s seen repeatedly.

Since we’ve watched “Toy Story 3″ per her request nearly every day for the last four to five weeks, I’ve been urging her to choose another movie or tv show. Whenever I turn on something else, she gets upset it is not “Toy Story 3″. She even rejects our other Toy Story movies. At first, she said it was because she wanted to see Jessie and Mommy Potato Head. I’ve pointed out that both Jessie and Mommy Potato Head were in “Toy Story 2″, but she still rejected it.

While I agree that “Toy Story 3″ is the best of the Toy Story trilogy, I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t also want to watch “Toy Story 2″. Finally the other day she gave me her very legitimate reason.

“I don’t like ‘Toy Stoy 2′. It’s too Woody’s arm broken.”

She doesn’t like it because Woody’s arm is ripped at various points throughout the movie. This is apparently VERY upsetting. Much more upsetting than Woody swirling through garbage toward his almost certain death.

You heard it here first, guys. “Toy Story 2″ is way more upsetting than “Toy Story 3″ because Woody’s arm hangs precariously from his body for parts of the movie… and then is repaired twice. Then Woody gets to live with Andy “forever” (or until the end of “Toy Story 3″).


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