TV Tuesdays: Where are the princesses?

I feel cheated.

When I found out I was having a girl, I was sure I’d spend hours and hours in front of Disney princess movies. I thought we’d spend hours playing dress up and pretending to be Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Ariel, but none of that has materialized.

My 3 year old is just not a princess girl. She likes Dora and Toy Story and Nickelodeon and gets angry at me every time I try to put on a Disney princess movie. She won’t even give them a chance.

It’s very disappointing. I mean, it would be one thing if she watched them and didn’t like them, but she won’t even TRY to watch them. Instead, I have watched “Toy Story 3″ no less than 50 times since Hanukkah.

I know there’s a bunch of feminist reasons why I shouldn’t want my daughter to idealize Disney princesses. I know I should be proud of her for having her own identity and choosing her own movies, but I want to watch some girls in giant ballgowns dancing with Prince Charming!

Maybe things will change in a couple years, or even a couple months and she will love Disney princesses. Maybe soon I’ll be whining that all we’ve watched for months is “Cinderella” over and over and over again, but for now I seem to be doomed with a Nickelodeon/Toy Story addict.

Until things turn around, I’m setting my claws into Girl No. 2. She already loves dolls, a toy 3 year old Lily never grasped the concept of. I have high hopes for Rose being my girly girl traipsing around in princess gowns and singing “Part of Your World” in the bath tub.

But I guess time will tell.


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