Why did Ernie and Bert turn into clay?

The first time I saw “Ernie and Bert’s Great Adventures” I was amused. Ernie and Bert as claymation? Cute. Little did I realize, the claymation Bert and Ernie is a regular thing, and in fact, it seems to have replaced many of the puppet Bert and Ernie skits.

(Don’t even get me started on the possible meaning of Ernie and Bert riding in bed together. Or with the fact that when Bert says “That’s kicky” it sounds like “That’s kinky”.)

An occasional claymation Bert and Ernie would be fun, but I have a real problem with it being a regular thing. It seems to be a built-in segment to the show these days and that time could have been spent on funny muppet skits or the live-action plot line. I love claymation, but I don’t love Bert and Ernie in claymation. While they technically still have their odd couple banter, it just doesn’t have the same effect in claymation as it does in muppet form.

See? Now that’s perfection. Why mess with perfection?

I’d rather see more of these old school skits than claymation any day. If “Sesame Street” wants to have a claymation segment, I say they use characters unique to the claymation skit itself– not bastardizations of muppets we usually see in live-action skits.

And really? Ernie and Bert start their great adventures in bed together? Really? Of all the muppets to start a voyage in a bed together, “Sesame Street” chose Ernie and Bert? Interesting choice. That’s all I’m saying.



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  1. litlebanana

    Uh, they start adventures in a bed together cuz they’re gay. I thought that was established by now :) I like clay Ernie and Bert, but I agree it shouldn’t *replace* regular Ernie and Bert. I think because there are less close-ups, they just don’t have the same banter when they’re clay.

  2. Nicole

    I dislike the claymation Bert and Ernie. I miss the old Bert and Ernie. Sesame Street is still a favorite around here for my girls- but I prefer to watch the old episodes. I kinda dislike “Abby’s Fairy Flying school” or whatever it is too. I just want regular old Sesame Street puppets!

    Glad you brought this up!

  3. Charlotte

    I hate “Murray Has a Little Lamb.” Why can’t Sesame Street be the way it was? And who’s this Chris guy taking over Hooper’s? What happened to Alan?

  4. tony

    I refuse to believe that Bert and Ernie are gay. No self-respecting gay man would go around with a unibrow as pronounced as Bert’s

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