5 Balls Under The Couch: True Tales of a Ball Popper

Back in October, Rose got her favorite toy ever– the Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper. She absolutely loves this thing and spends hours and hours hitting the button to make the balls pop and the music play.

Cute promo box doesn't warn of future woes

The ball popper is a pretty amazing toy and I completely get why she loves it. It is my savior a lot of the time because I know she will be happy for a LONG time if she starts playing with it, but it is also a Mommy Torture device. Do you see how there are five balls in the picture?

It looks innocent enough when it's off.

That’s probably the only time you’ll ever see all five of those balls in one place. Sure, all five balls come in the box, but the second you turn on the ball popper, three of them get flung so high in the air that they roll under the couch. When the batteries are fresh, the balls pop out so high, there’s no possible way they can even hit the popper on the way back down

The result is the constant need for me either to chase balls around the room or pull them out from under the couch. Often, I can not find at least one of the balls. It miraculously shows up eventually, but 90% of the time there are only three balls in the popper.

I mean, I absolutely love this toy for a lot of reasons. My baby giggles the whole time she is playing with it, but the missing ball situation drives me nuts!

I also have an issue with it because the music and the air blower are so loud that you can’t hear the tv over them. If my baby is going to be that occupied with a toy, I want to watch tv while she’s playing with it. Maybe Playskool made this toy super loud to encourage me to interact with the baby instead of watching “Oprah”? Well played, Playskool. Well played.

*Photos obtained from Amazon.



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  1. Haha! We have this toy too and Peach loves it. One of my aunts got it for her for Christmas. At the party we were at it kept ALL of the kids busy for HOURS. The teenagers especially liked it. How funny is that?!?!

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