Amazing Observation

Over the weekend, we had a Toy Story Jessie hat crisis. We couldn’t find her hat ANYWHERE and ended up moving all our furniture and digging through the dumpster in search of the thing. During our massive search, I found this fire hydrant that looked like it used to be on my dog’s collar.

Apparent dog jewelry buried deep beneath the recliner.

I couldn’t remember our dog ever wearing fire hydrant jewelry, so I thought it must have been under the recliner a long long time. I put it on the counter and went on with my search, but Lily kept shouting about how “We need the picture! We need the picture of Lumpy!”

I had no idea what she was talking about. She ran to the counter and got the fire hydrant and said “You found it! You found it! We need the picture!”

Still no clue what she was talking about.

She ran over to the piano and climbed up on the bench and grabbed this picture of Lumpy and took it down.

“Hey!” I said “I’ve told you before I don’t want you to take the pictures off the piano!” but then I realized what she was doing.

The fire hydrant belonged to this dog frame we have. The picture is of our dog Lumpy when he had just opened has eyes as a tiny tiny puppy.

This frame has been missing a piece for at least a year.

It seriously had been missing a piece so long that I’d forgotten it was broken. It has been at least a year since the piece fell off and we couldn’t find it. My 3 year old is obsessed with this picture of “little baby Lumpy” so I guess she’s not only more aware of the missing piece, but she remembered for a year what the piece looked like!

Or she knew it belonged to the frame because it matches a charm on the other side of it. Either way, she is way more observant than I am.

We fixed the frame and all is well with the world.

Now Lumpy’s baby picture is just cute again and not somewhat of an embarrassing testament to how we keep broken things in our house as decoration for an insane amount of time.

 But wait. Where was Jessie’s hat?

Well, after hours of searching, I pointed at the girl’s toy doctor kit and asked my husband to look inside it. He insisted it couldn’t be there because he’d been opening it for Rose all day long. I insisted he check just in case because we’d searched everywhere. He again declared looking in the kit was ridiculous. Then struggled to open the kit as if he’d never opened it before. The hat was inside.

Happy endings all over the place.


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