Kids Play: Dress up! FINALLY!

Four years ago when I found out I was having a girl, I started fantasizing about watching princess movies with her and playing dress up. Before Lily was even born, I started stocking up on garage sale princess dresses for her future costume trunk. I couldn’t resist $1 Cinderella dresses when I knew I had a girl coming!

My friends assured me that when Lily turned 2, her princess/dress-up stage would start. Not so much. She is a tomboy who loves Diego and puzzles and climbing and running and maps. Whenever I suggested trying on one of the beautiful costumes I bought for her, she’d very firmly say no and sometimes even tantrum. She wanted nothing to do with it! I was disappointed. My whole life, I’d longed for my own dress-up trunk, but I never had one. Wouldn’t it figure that I gave her the one thing I always wanted, but she hated it!

Every few months, I’d bring the costumes back out and suggest we play dress-up. She always said no.

Well imagine my surprise at our parent-teacher conference in December when I learned that Lily constantly plays dress-up at school. It’s amazing what a little peer pressure will do! When I got her home that day, I tried to get her to play dress up, and she still didn’t want to!

Then yesterday, a miracle occurred. I pulled out the costumes and suddenly she couldn’t get enough of them. What changed? Who knows! But I’m happy that I finally get to play dress-up with my pink princesses!

She was especially excited by this wand and kept granting Rose’s wishes by singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to her and tapping her on her head.

As you can see, I’ve already started shoving costumes on Rose. After all, I wouldn’t want my girls to escape any gender stereotypes. ;) They truly aren’t forced into any of this and I love Lily’s independent tomboy choices in play, but I really am excited that we finally get to play dress-up at our house because it’s more fun for me than holding a Toy Story doll, among other things.

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