Kids Play: Mistaken Identity

Lily currently has two pairs of shoes. A pair of sparkly pink faux fur-lined snow boots and these blue and silver butterfly light up bejeweled shoes from Payless.

If you have a toddler girl, how can you pass up getting them some pretty crazy shoes? They’ll only let you put them in crazy crazy stuff like this for so long.

Anyway, today at McDonald’s Playland, I turned around and Lily was trying on these shoes.

The only problem was she hadn’t actually worn these shoes to the Playland. She’d worn her boots. These were somebody ELSE’S shoes.

“Oh no, honey, those aren’t your shoes! You’ll have to take them off!” I said.

She looked at me utterly baffled.

“I know you have shoes that look just like those, but you didn’t wear them here. You wore your boots, remember?”


“Sometimes other people can own the exact same thing you have because they have more than one in the store.”

The crazy thing was the shoes were even the exact same size as hers. We are lucky I paid attention or she would have come home in the wrong shoes!

After that, she nicely put them back where she found them and found her own pink boots and put them in the cubby right next to them.

I could just imagine her internal dialogue when she found the shoes.

“My shoes! How’d they get here? I thought I wore my boots? Yes, there are my boots right there. I’m so confused! Am I losing my mind? Do I have dementia? I better put them on just in case.”

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