Kids Play: Woof Woof is cold

Most of the last year, my daughter’s Build-A-BearPuppy Woof Woof has gone with us everywhere. She came with us to the park, the mall, everywhere.

Recently I realized Woof Woof hadn’t been with us in a long time. I kept suggesting Woof Woof come with us and Lily would tell me no. It made me sad to think she and Woof Woof weren’t best friends anymore. I couldn’t figure out why Woof Woof was being cooped up at home. Woof Woof had to be getting cabin fever!

Finally, the other day Lily was allowed to bring a bear to school for the day for Polar Bear Week. I asked her what bear she wanted to take and she said Woof Woof, whom she insisted was a BEAR because she is a Build-A-Bear. I’m not sure how her teacher ended up feeling about this, but I went with it.

The day came, but suddenly Lily didn’t want to take Woof Woof to school. I suggested other bears and she said no, she wanted Woof Woof. Then she finally revealed why Woof Woof had become a prisoner in her own home– Lily didn’t want Woof Woof to go outside because it was “too cold”.

Apparently Woof Woof hasn’t been out with us in months because Lily was worried Woof Woof would be too cold! I should have known– Woof Woof isn’t allowed to wear a dress unless Lily is also wearing a dress. Of course she needs winter clothes when Lily is wearing winter clothes!

Rather than shell out $8+ for a new Build-A-Bear jacket, I dug through Lily’s old baby clothes and found a tiny newborn sweatshirt. This passed Lily’s inspection, but she said Woof Woof STILL couldn’t go outside because she needed a hat. So I found one of those too. She’d already insisted we buy Woof Woof boots the last time we were at Build-A-Bear, so her feet were covered.

Stuffed animals have environmental needs too.

When we get home, Lily takes off Woof Woof’s winter gear right after she takes off her own. The winter gear does not stay on, but she must put it on again whenever we take Woof Woof out. So now I have three children to dress for winter instead of two.

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