Toy WTF: Barbie Fashionista Swapping Heads

During a trip to Toys R Us recently, I happened down the Barbie aisle and discovered this monstrosity.

That’s right, that’s a pre-packaged Barbie head. It is an accessory to the Barbie Fashionista Swappin’ Styles line. The promo in the store was that now the Barbies can swap looks because you can remove the head of one Fashionista and put it on the other. Additional heads for additional looks sold separately!

Wait. What? I’m so confused about this. Am I missing something? Barbie always COULD swap fashion with other Barbie dolls. You can take the clothes off one Barbie and put them on another. Why on earth does she need to switch heads to switch looks? As far as I can tell from the pictures, you can still remove the Fashionista’s clothes so they could easily swap outfits without swapping heads.

It’s just so morbid to purposefully remove a doll’s head. This doll encourages kids to decapitate their Barbies! As if there weren’t enough Barbie’s whose heads popped off accidentally, here comes a Barbie whose head comes off on purpose. It’s so sadistic. And kind of hilarious.

While it is true the extra heads have different hairstyles and make-up than the original dolls, the fact that you have to DECAPITATE A DOLL totally negates any benefit that may have. And really, you can get a different hairstyle or make-up on the doll by either styling their hair yourself or just choosing another doll you have sitting around.

Maybe there’s the benefit of a cheaper price? I didn’t look at the price of the head in the store, but on Amazon it costs as much as an entire Fashionista doll– $16+!

I don’t get it.

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7 Responses to Toy WTF: Barbie Fashionista Swapping Heads

  1. Nicole

    What were they thinking when they made this?!? I know for a fact that my Lily would be scared to death by the whole head coming off thing! I can’t wait to see your other WTF toys out there :)

  2. Mike

    My daughter loves these! At Target, they used to cost about $5 each, but they recently went up to $6. I like that she can have a different doll just by switching the head. We’ve even had fun pretending that her male dolls get creeped out when the head comes off. The headless Barbie is amused by the boys reaction. Perhaps we’re a little too “Addams Family?” We have a lot of fun, though! (My daughter is 5)

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  4. I know this is an old post but I had to point out:

    The doll heads have different makeup, hair styles, and facial expressions; this is what is meant by “different looks.” Also, if you want to switch characters or change an outfit immediately instead of stopping gameplay in order to do so, you can just pre-dress the bodies and swap heads in the middle of a game.

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