Big Tooth

Lily got her mysteriously broken tooth repaired last week.

Silence of the Lilies

Considering it was her first dental experience and she is only 3 years old, I think she did a really great job staying calm as the dentist put his giant hands in her tiny mouth and poked at her with weird instruments. However, when the dentist tried to shape the new part of her tooth with a loud vibrating sander thingy, she freaked out. I don’t blame her. I find dental work torturous.

(In my opinion, that’s Steve Martin’s most undercelebrated role.)

After she started yelling “NO! NO! STOP!”, twisting away and crying real tears, the dentist wasn’t able to finish shaping her tooth. I can’t imagine why not. I can’t get clothes on her sometimes, but we’re supposed to expect her to allow some stranger to put a sharp loud precision tool in her mouth? Yeah, didn’t happen.

Needless to say, the new tooth ended up being a little big compared to her other teeth. It’s not even that big, though since it was new it was shocking the first time I saw it– like the biggest tooth on earth. It’s been a few days and now I barely notice it. It’s better than the crooked gap and definitely better than the pain she was having biting into food, but it’s not as nice as her original tooth by a longshot. The dentist said he would try to fix it when we came back for a check-up in a month.

Can you even tell which tooth is bigger? Probably not, but you know how things feel in your mouth!

Well, on the drive home, Lily got really upset while feeling her new tooth with her tongue and said the following heartbreakingly hilarious statements:

“I just want my little teeth back. I don’t want big teeth.”

“I like my little teeth. I’m little and I have little teeth, not big teeth.”

“I want my new tooth to be the same as all my other teeth! It’s not the same!”

“It’s too big! My new tooth is too big! Now I can’t watch ‘Team Umi Zoomi!’”

I told her she could still watch “Team Umi Zoomi”.

“No. My tooth is too big! I can’t watch ‘Team Umi Zoomi’ with a big tooth.” (she repeated this worry A LOT.)

I have reassured her a lot that the tooth isn’t that big, we’ll probably get it fixed soon and it doesn’t matter since it’s a baby tooth anyway, but she is still very concerned her “Team Umi Zoomi” rights have been taken away, among other things.

The second we got home from the dentist, I turned on the tv and was in luck because “Team Umi Zoomi” was on right then. I let her watch it. Apparently people with big teeth are usually forbidden from watching it, but I’m a nice mommy who breaks the rules.

We are not going to make her wait a month to get her tooth shaped when she’s this upset about it, and hopefully by the time this posts she will have a “little cute baby tooth” again.

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