Book Illustration WTF: Poop or Pickle?

While helping my daughter do this preschool workbook, I did a double take while we were trying to figure out what letter represented each picture.

Wait, what?

When we got to the circled picture, I said “What IS that?” It looked just like poop to me. But it couldn’t be poop. It was a preschool workbook. They wouldn’t put poop in a preschool workbook, would they?

Very questionable image.

I looked at it closer. I wasn’t sure.

That’s when Lily said “Pickle starts with ‘P’, Mommy!”. Yes. Yes, indeed. Pickle does start with “P”. OBVIOUSLY, it’s a pickle. Not poop. What was I thinking? If you look at it REALLY closely, it does have a slightly greenish hue.

But mostly it looks brown. And when I looked at the answer key, it said the correct answer was “p”, but “poop” also starts with “p”. So, I am still not convinced that illustration is not poop.

Lesson: If you are going to put a picture of a pickle in a children’s book, you had better make sure it prints more green than brown.

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