Happy Birthday, Woof Woof!

Because there is no event left uncelebrated in this house, this week we had a party for Woof Woof’s birthday. She just so happens to share a birthday with my husband. Woof Woof’s (and my husband’s) birthday is tomorrow, but we were visiting my parents earlier this week and had a little celebration for her (and my husband too I guess) then. We put her name on the cake and everything…

It says "Daddy Woof" on there in cranberries-- we were out of frosting.

…well her first name, anyway. It is hard to fit “Woof Woof” AND “Daddy” on one cake when you are trying to “write” with dried cranberries. Stupid Daddy, making his name take up space on the cake. And he also hogged the number candles. Woof Woof is only turning 1.

Then we sang “Happy Birthday” to Woof Woof (and Daddy too, I guess). Woof Woof wasn’t so sure about sharing a birthday with my husband. She thought he was a birthday hog. He got a way bigger present than her, but regardless of how Woof Woof felt, my husband was honored to share a birthday with her. I mean, he was there when she was born.

My husband always wanted to share a birthday with a stuffed animal.

Woof Woof got roller skates for her birthday. She’s still learning how to use them.

Woof Woof needs some roller skating lessons.

In defense of my apparent insanity on this one, Build-A-Bear actually sends birthday cards to its bears with $5 “gift” coupons. Woof Woof only really got a present because of this coupon. But we DID remember that it was Woof Woof’s birthday. We did make her on my husband’s birthday, after all.

Happy birthday, Woof Woof (and Daddy)!


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