“Just a Little Big”

Wednesday I left you all hanging over whether or not poor Lily would have to live as a “Big Tooth” for the rest of her life (or until she gets her permanent teeth. Whatever.). Luckily, our dentist was very understanding about her self-consciousness and got us in right away. By the time “Big Tooth” posted on here, the procedure was done.

Lily was especially silly on laughing gas this time. She told me she had a big pink nose with an eye on top of it. And she did.

Getting doped up for the big "buzzing stick".

Despite my best efforts to prepare her for the sanding tool, she shouted and dodged it to the best of her ability. I can’t say I blame her. I don’t know about you, but when I’m lying in the dentist’s chair and that buzzing tool is coming at me, my instinct is to turn my head and say “NO! STOP!” But I’m an adult and that’s not how adults act at the dentist for some reason, so I behave myself.

The dentist did the best he could fighting her attempts to dodge him. He even got the tool stuck in his glove and almost cut himself! All so Lily wouldn’t be a Big Tooth anymore. In the end, he got the tooth smaller. It’s still far from perfect, but Lily is ok with it. “It’s just a little big,” she told me after we got home. I’m just happy she’s not depressed about it anymore.

Still the cutest kid I know.

When we got home she promptly announced “My tooth is small! Now I can watch ‘Team Umi Zoomi’!” And so she did.

Glad that drama is over.


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