Kids Play: 1-2-3

While we were at the mall the other day, 17-month-old Rose insisted on walking instead of riding in her stroller. She wanted to hold my hand, but she kept making herself limp and falling to the floor. While it’s true that she’s still a toddler and falls down easily, she’s pretty sturdy and I couldn’t figure out why walking in the mall was so difficult for her. I tried to put her back in her stroller, but she fought it.

The falls were coming in a consistent pattern. She was falling about every 3 seconds. Every time she fell, she’d giggle hysterically. And suddenly it occurred to me what she was doing! She was playing a little game we like to call “1-2-3″. We do it with her big sister all the time. We count to three and then swing her wildly into the air. Rose was jealous! She wanted to do the same thing.

Rose apparently got very jealous when she saw Lily doing this.

Sure enough, we started to do 1-2-3 with her and she was ecstatic. Whenever we stopped, she’d try to get us to do it again by making herself limp every three steps. After a while, her big sister decided she should help with the 1-2-3-ing. There’s nothing more adorable than the sight of a 3 year old attempting to swing her 1-year-old sister by her hand, especially when the 1 year old only weighs 3 pounds less than the 3 year old.

Big sisters make for more help swinging a kid around like a sack of potatoes.

I think Rose is a genius for trying to do 1-2-3 by herself. And as her mother, there’s no way I have any bias in thinking this, right?

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