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How many much luggage does it take a family of four to get out of town?

Let’s just say we’d be screwed if we didn’t have a mini-van. Every time we travel, I swear we’re going to pack less stuff, but my children apparently haven’t gotten the message. You’d think they’d need less as they got older, but it’s actually 3-year-old Lily who requires the most luggage.

Her sleep accessories alone take up a whole laundry basket. We can not go anywhere without her five blankets and four stuffed animals.

She also requires that we bring a pack-n-play for her to sleep in even though she’d be far more comfortable in a bed. We’ve been encouraging her to sleep in a bed when we travel just like she does at home, but she’s gotten it into her head that she MUST sleep in a pack-n-play while we’re on the road. Times we’ve attempted to put her in a bed while traveling have gone horribly wrong. If I forget so much as her favorite pillow case, hysterics are involved at bedtime. We also need to bring certain toys for Lily or she’ll lose her mind. “WHERE’S WOOF WOOF?!”

Rose, on the other hand, can travel with just a pack-n-play, her clothes and diapers.

I’m trying to imagine a day when this gets easier and it’s just not coming to me. For now, packing requires long checklists and so much headache that I am baffled when I read that any family with small children actually enjoys travel. If our families lived nearby, we’d probably never do this to ourselves.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who dreads these roadtrips.



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  1. rose

    I can’t believe when people say that they love road trips. I like them just as much as anyone does when I am going without the kids. I have to pack all sorts of stuff when we take family trips. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and they require so much stuff. It takes at least 30 minutes just to get them in the car. I work for DISH Network so I thought I would try their TV Everywhere. I bring my Ipad with me anywhere we go and they can watch live TV and anything on our DVR. It’s great for those road trips and its fewer things for me to remember to bring. No DVD player or stacks of DVD’s.

    • We don’t even have a car DVD player, but we definitely need one. We have to travel a lot. I hadn’t even thought about the DVD aspect of things– One MORE thing to pack, though I suppose I wouldn’t need a giant box of car toys anymore so it would weigh itself out.

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