Toy WTF: “Actual Movie Size”

For about 6 months, my husband and I had a secret from Lily. She thought that her Toy Story Rex and Bullseye flashlights were just like the characters in the movie, but we knew they weren’t to scale. In fact, Rex and Bullseye, two of the tallest characters in the movie, only came up to Woody’s waist.

What are you talking about? They are totally the same size.

Unfortunately, our secret came out recently when Lily’s brain developed beyond our clever ploy to manipulate her with $7 knock-offs of the $35+ figurines that went with her full-size Buzz, Woody and Jessie. She started to notice scale and suddenly every single time we played with her Toy Story toys she’d say “We need a big Rex and a big Bullseye. This Rex and Bullseye are too small. We need new ones.”

So, this weekend for a plethora of reasons that were entirely our fault involving tons of fun-filled promises and an unexpected cancelled trip, we “had” to take Lily to Toys R Us to get her her “big” Rex and Bullseye. Now we have EVERYTHING (except one alien) and it’s all to scale (except one of our two aliens).

When we got it home, we cracked up when we saw this on the box:

“Deluxe Film Version / Actual Movie Size”

WTF does “Actual Movie Size” even mean? How the hell can an animated character be “actual movie size”? He’s a computer animated character. How do we know what size he is? When he was on the big screen, he was probably the same size as me. Is THAT actual movie size? When he’s on our tv, he’s probably about 10 inches tall depending on the angle, but we have a 30 inch television. He’d be bigger if we had a bigger tv. Seriously, how do you define “actual movie size” for an animated character? Do they mean to scale compared to people in the movie? What?

We just found this statement baffling and couldn’t stop laughing about it. Am I “actual movie size”? How big would I be if I were computer-animated?

And are our Woody and Jessie dolls “actual movie size”? They are cheaper versions than the Bullseye we ended up getting– he is the collector’s edition, whatever that means, and I just found out he lists for two to three times what we paid for him. Luckily, everyone seems to be to scale now and Woody and Jessie fit on Bullseye perfectly.

All of these items are "actual movie size".

“Actual movie size”! I’ll giggle about that every time we play with Bullseye from now on.

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3 Responses to Toy WTF: “Actual Movie Size”

  1. Katie S

    OMG you found a big Bullseye!!!! Must go to Toys R Us and look! :-)

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