Toy WTF: What’s Missing?

Katie S sent in this Toy WTF.

When Katie bought Toy Story wall stickers, she was happy to discover that most of the major characters were in it, but something was missing. In fact, something was very odd, if you think about it. What is missing/wrong with this picture?

Can you see it?

There are only TWO Toy Story Pizza Planet aliens. ONE alien is missing. Why, why, WHY would you put more than one alien in, but stop at two instead of the three that are in the movie? It’s bizarre! Whoever put these stickers together, just wasn’t thinking.

Katie also pointed out that she put Lotso way off to the side because he’s so mean.

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2 Responses to Toy WTF: What’s Missing?

  1. Katie S

    Apparently Kohls is not selling any of the stickers right now, so here is the link to the company.

    • Thanks, Katie! I edited the post to include the new link. The last link worked fine last weekend when I wrote the post (I schedule them ahead of time). Silly Kohl’s, screwing with my blog.

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