Lily is terrified of automatic flush toilets. When we walk into a public restroom and she sees one she immediately declares “No, that’s not a good one.” and will then refuse to use the toilet. It’s infuriating. She’s had accidents over this. I can convince her to go if I promise it won’t flush until she’s ready, but it’s always a struggle. We will hike across an entire mall to get to the manually flushing potties when they exist.

The main trouble with automatic toilets is that they go off before the kid has finished peeing. I don’t blame her for being scared. I hate it when the toilet flushes while I’m still sitting there. It’s gross. It’s loud. It’s shocking. I curse every time I see there’s an automatic toilet because I know we’re going to have a fight over her using it. These fights never go well. I come out of them looking evil.

I HATE autoflush. Well, I actually hate auto-ANYTHING. Half the time the trigger mechanisms don’t work and I stand there waving my hands being denied water, paper towels, soap, FLUSHES. I wish stores would stop trying to save me from germs and just go manual. I was never all that worried about germs to begin with, but it really doesn’t save me from germs if I can’t even get to the water because the trigger mechanism isn’t working properly. I rather take my chances touching handles.

So imagine my delight this weekend when I took Lily into a public restroom to discover automatic toilets that you COULD control. These Kohler toilets at our hotel had an automatic flush that only worked when you triggered it by waving your hand over the top of the toilet. It was so brilliant. If the trigger didn’t work, there was a button you could press. It was like the perfect automatic flush toilet.

It’s so genius. I don’t understand why other toilet companies haven’t caught on. Why can’t all automatic toilets have a hand activated trigger? If we MUST have automatic toilets in every public restroom (and I really don’t get why we NEED them), why not give us a way to control them the way Kohler has? There’s no reason that all toilet companies can’t build their trigger mechanism into the top of the toilet instead of the wall so the toilet flushes on command instead of when the sensor thinks you’ve stood up even when you haven’t.

And, so, a meager mother’s plea: Please, please either stop with the automatic toilets or use one of those Kohler numbers. Down with wall triggers!

You would not believe how many people I’ve already told about this toilet. It’s amazing what’s important to you after you’ve become a mother. An automatic toilet that doesn’t scare the crap out of my 3 year old? A+, Kohler. A+



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3 Responses to Auto-flush

  1. Katie S

    Max gets freaked out by automatic loud hand dryers.

  2. Susan W.

    Those are the original automatic flush toilets, I believe. I remember those being the 1st type of automatic toilet, and I thought it was awesome. I too hate when the toilet flushes if you just shift a little. If you are hovering, it will be a constant flush!

    My Max is scared of automatic hand dryers as well. I’m a fan of paper towels, personally.

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