Creativity win!

In preschool last week, Lily and her classmates made art out of recycled material. Every kid gave very creative answers to what their artwork was. Here are some examples:

A castle

A helicopter

Food and Drink Making Machine

A transformer that turns into a jet

As you can see, every item looked EXACTLY like what the kid said it was. Or nothing like it. Whatever. To me, the only thing that remotely resembles the kid’s description is the helicopter. Meanwhile, while everyone around her was giving all these awesome answers, Lily told the teacher very soberly “It’s a decorated cereal box”.

A decorated cereal box

I couldn’t be more proud of her creativity than I was at the moment I saw her art in a display case with all these other creations and the kids’ descriptions written right next to them. I think the other decorated cereal box being a transformer that turns into a jet is especially telling of my child’s brilliance.

My husband claims that when she said “It’s a decorated cereal box” she was thinking something so genius and beyond us that we just don’t see it. I think she’s just laying the groundwork to becoming a future engineer.

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  1. Hahaha! This is excellent.

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