Kids Play: A New Way to Look at Coins

Lily was toting Hamm the Pig around all day yesterday. I heard her shake him and realized something was inside him. While he is a functioning piggy bank, we do not feed him coins because his cork comes out too easily and we have a chokeable toddler wandering around. I asked Lily what was inside Hamm. She said “coins”. It didn’t sound like coins, also, as I said, coins are forbidden in this particular piggy bank. So I opened him up and discovered this.

That looks painful.

Those are the pieces to her wooden number puzzle.

Apparently numbers and coins are the same thing… which isn’t exactly wrong. Coins do have a numerical value and she has been learning about this on a really cool computer game on (which is an awesome learning tool if you haven’t discovered it yet). But I guess learning about the numerical value of coins means that numbers ARE coins.

So Hamm the pig is stuffed to the brim with these giant numbers. He looks really uncomfortable and it’s going to be difficult to get those things out of him, but I love it.


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