Kids Play: My Parents Live in a Box

I started this blog because of Lily’s hilarious interactions with her Little People, and she immediately started ignoring them. Well, she couldn’t ignore them forever. Little People are back with a vengeance. Lily’s latest obsession with them has expanded their universe from our suburban home in Ohio to my parents’ farm in Indiana.

We “only” have one Little People house, so Lily constructed one for my parents. The “house” is the Rubbermaid plastic storage tub we keep the Little People in when we aren’t playing with them. My parents apparently live in a box! I grew up in that “house”, so I get to say I was raised in a box!

To get to Indiana, the entire family, including my parents, gets in the dump truck, driven by my friend Dan, and travels back and forth between Indiana and Ohio. The trips take less than 5 seconds. If that were true in real life, things would be MUCH less complicated, though I don’t think riding in the back of a crowded dump truck would be very comfortable.

Also, this fantasy dump truck job my friend Dan has seems to be excruciatingly boring and time-consuming. Real life Dan is in medical school and I don’t see how he has time to study what with all the chauffeuring he’s doing for my family in Little People World. I know driving us around in a dump truck is fun, but get your priorities straight, Little People Dan.

This is totally how we travel.

None of the Little People talk to each other at any part of this voyage. They just visit each other. Once all the dolls get back to our house, everyone goes to sleep on the floor. The two dogs sleep on the roof with my husband and I.

I just love to sleep on the roof with 2 dogs.

These representations of our life never cease to amuse me.

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