No Hangers

Over the weekend, we had the privilege of staying at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis for a conference. If you aren’t familiar with the chain, it is an upscale version of the Marriott. Considering we usually stay in Best Westerns, a regular Marriott is pretty ritzy to us, so this was a real treat! I walked in and I felt underdressed.

Anyway, I had to giggle while lying on our puffy, high-end bed to look up and see this sign.

It is a warning not to hang things from the sprinkler system, which to me implies that some ritzy high-end hotel customer saw that sprinkler up there and thought “Hey, that’s just the perfect place to hang my suit. I mean, why use that giant closet over there? Let’s mess with the sprinkler system!”

I imagine that then, since “contact with sprinklers will cause flooding”, the entire sprinkler system went off and that set off the fire alarm. I’m picturing a bunch of rich people rushing out into the street until the firemen came to clear the place all because some idiot decided to hang their suit from what is practically the ceiling.

And so they created this beautiful “no hanger” sign to put in the middle of a luxury hotel room. The room is beautifully decorated, but some idiot out there had to interrupt the decor by thinking the sprinkler system made the perfect closet so this bizarre sign is there making people like me (and hopefully you) giggle imagining what led to the sign being put there in the first place.


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