Toy WTF: Removable Hats

For some reason I can’t even imagine, doll makers seem to think babies don’t exist without hats. Every single baby doll that has entered this house came with a removable hat attached to her outfit by a thin thread.

How the dolls should allegedly look.

The hats are cute, sure, but they don’t work. They never stay on, not for more than 5 minutes of the gentlest play. The hats pop off moments after you put them on and always always look like this.

Dolls in their natural state.

The hats would be fine if they didn’t come off, but since they do, they pose a real problem. Every single time the hat pops off, one of my kids comes begging me to put the hat back on. So, pretty much every two minutes I’m putting a hat back on. My kids have great fine motor skills, but for some reason the hats are even difficult for ME to put back on. And, as I said, they never, ever stay on.

Why put hats on dolls if the hats don’t fit properly? It causes nothing but headaches. I love playing with my kids, but I don’t want to deal with the whining that comes with fixing those hats every 2 minutes. It’s ridiculous. There’s no good reason for those dolls to be wearing hats in the first place.

I would remove the hats permanently, but then my daughter would freak out that the doll had lost her hat. Next time we buy a doll, I’m going to dispose of the hat before the kids get used to it. It’s just not worth the aggravation.

And it’s not just baby dolls that have hats that won’t stay on. If you rattle our Toy Story Woody and Jessie dolls even a little bit, their hats fly across the room. We are constantly searching for those hats or hearing kids get upset because the hat won’t stay on while they are playing with them. Our Woody doll even has a sensor that complains about the hat going missing and thanks you for finding it. It’s neat and all, but I really wish that if the hat is necessary it was secured firmly to the dolls head.

Removable hats on toys cause nothing but heartache.



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2 Responses to Toy WTF: Removable Hats

  1. Maria

    Thow those hats away. I threw mine away basically the day they came out of the package. Less stuff to pick up. Just trash them one night when she goes to bed. If she asks about them…distract and ignore! :)

  2. Katie S

    I also know moms who toss baby bottles if a doll comes with it as well. That being said, Max has a Bitty Baby, courtesy of my mom, who is a boy baby complete with a blueish union suit. No hat, no bottle, no extras, But I have nursed the baby. :-)

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