TV Tuesdays: Blonds Have The Most Magic

If “Tangled” teaches us nothing else, it’s that blond hair is magical and brown hair only happens when magic is destroyed.

As if little brown-haired girls didn’t have enough of a reason to wish they had blond hair, here comes this movie showing glowing golden hair with healing powers turn brown and powerless when it is cut. I had hoped that my daughter would see that having brown hair would make Rapunzel free, but instead she says she wishes Rapunzel’s hair would stay “yellow” because it is “so pretty” when it is magical.

There are a lot of things that could have happened to Rapunzel’s hair when it was cut. I’m not sure if turning it brown was the best choice given the movie’s target viewing audience. It could have just stopped glowing. It could have turned purple or a different shade of blond, but turning it brown just flat out says “brown isn’t as good as blond.”

True, Rapunzel was happier and had a better life once her hair changed color. I know that’s supposed to be the take home message, but you see something else when her stunning golden hair turns brown. You see that blond looked better. Then you have another generation of little girls who are sad that they don’t have blond hair.

Sure, little girls everywhere probably would have wanted blond hair anyway. Who doesn’t wish they were a natural blond? But this movie certainly doesn’t help the situation.

At least they gave her a cute haircut to turn it brown. Who knew that a dying man with a piece of glass could layer so it so masterfully?



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3 Responses to TV Tuesdays: Blonds Have The Most Magic

  1. TURN ON MULAN. There are princess role models for most ethnicities! Though to be fair “white” is probably overrepresented.

  2. Maria

    We had a Rapunzel doll with long beautiful hair. It got in a tangled mess. I chopped it off and used a perm. brown marker to dye it. We now have the short haired one. :)

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