Kids Play: I’ve Got a Secret

I was wildly and recklessly throwing things away earlier this week when I discovered this empty tin heart box my grandmother gave me with a bracelet inside it. I debated keeping the empty box, but realized I’d probably never put anything in it and it would just sit in my jewelry box cluttering things up.

I was about to throw it out (keeping the bracelet) when I realized I knew someone who might love putting things in a little heart shaped box. I handed it over to Lily and told her she could keep secrets in it. She got VERY excited and immediately filled the box with secrets that she wouldn’t let us see. She kept holding the box up to me and saying “Shhhh! It’s a secret!” She let me see what was inside of it, but she wouldn’t show Rose or her daddy.

She’s not that great at protecting her secrets, however, so I got a chance to take pictures of them. I’m sure I’m violating some parenting code and this is somehow like showing you the contents of a teenage daughter’s diary, but I feel these secrets are just too good not to share.

Let’s just see what Lily’s secrets are. Don’t they look valuable? These are certainly things that MUST be protected.

A closer look at these priceless treasures:

That’s right, 3-year-old Lily’s most important secrets are a pink shoelace, a pink hair bow (that she tragically won’t let me put in her hair), a pink sparkly hair tie, a cardboard letter “J” that fell off a preschool art project (it says “R” on the other side), a puzzle piece of a lower case “Q” or “B”, and a plastic tag that came off her new pair of socks.

She clearly must protect these things forever, and NO ONE can know she has them. They are way too valuable for anyone to see them. I can’t believe I just revealed what they are to the public! Someone will try to take them!

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