Soccer Tragedy

My husband rarely laughs even if he finds something amusing, so I knew big funnies were happening when I heard him chuckle at his email last week. He is coaching Lily’s soccer team right now and got an email from the head coach canceling the kids’ very first game. Now from what I’d been warned about soccer, it’s never supposed to be canceled. The sky could be falling, and soccer isn’t canceled, which I suppose explains why our soccer cancellation read like an obituary:

It is with heavy hearts that we cancel Saturday morning’s soccer games. While the weather at game time looks to be quite nice, the fields are already (and will probably be even moreso after tonight’s promised downpours) under deep water. Please come prepared to make up the games at your next practice.

“With heavy hearts” that a SOCCER game is canceled. It really reads like someone died, and I guess someone did. The soccer game (AND the next practice!) passed away. We’ll never get it back. How do we go on?



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  1. Trigem

    Trust me soccer games rarely ever get canceled. My kids have played in pouring rain, falling snow, and in fields with standing water. The only thing that will cancel a soccer game around here is lightening.

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