Stroller Nazis

When I was at the zoo last week, I couldn’t help but giggle at then violate this sign.

“Please leave strollers & wagons OUTSIDE”. Note the “outside” is in all capital letters.

I understand why the zoo wants us to leave strollers outside– they take up too much space and block the aisles of the bathroom. I get that, but in my world (and, I think, most moms’ worlds) the stroller is more than just a stroller. It’s not like all I have to do is remove one potty-using child from the stroller and leave the stroller outside with no possible problems. I carry a LOT of stuff in that stroller I don’t want stolen. I carry money and my zoo pass in a tiny pocket attached to the stroller. We have valuable prescriptions in our diaper bag, which is strapped to the back of our stroller along with my daughter’s potty seat bag (yes, potty seat bag. We carry a potty seat. In a bag. I wish we didn’t, but it’s that or wet pants so that’s the way it is.). My camera and cell phone are usually hanging out in the stroller’s tray. And then there’s also usually this in my stroller:

It would be a ton of work and turn me into a pack mule to enter that bathroom without my stroller. So, no zoo, I’m not going to take 20 valuable things out of my stroller to carry them and 2 children into your bathroom so as to not block your traffic flow. Instead, why not make the bathroom to a ZOO, where there are tons of stroller toting parents, big enough for stroller traffic? No, that’s just too crazy.


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  1. Why the heck is the zoo that fascist? It’s a kids’ place! Kids fall asleep in strollers. Geez.

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