The Bag Lady

For the last two years I’ve been carrying this bag with me everywhere I go.

What do you think I carry in this bag? Candy? Toys? Diapers?

I could only dream.

This is what I’ve been carrying around in that lovely Elmo bag.

That’s right. It’s a potty seat. I’ve been carrying a potty seat in a bag everywhere I go for the past two years.


For two years, my daughter refused to even attempt sitting on a public toilet. She was scared of falling in. She wouldn’t even try the special toddler sized toilets they have in the children’s section of the library. When we went to the bathroom there, she insisted on using her potty seat. She was the only kid at preschool who insisted on using a potty seat. All the other kids were ok with using the regular toilet.

So for two years, this potty seat bag has been on my shoulder.

Do you even know what this means? In addition to the disgusting factor of carrying a seat that has touched the inner rim of a public toilet, it means I’ve been schlepping along not one but TWO bags of necessities wherever I go. You can’t carry other diaper bag necessities in a potty seat bag because of the germs/yuck factor, so for two years, I’ve been carrying TWO bags.

I’ve been carrying two bags so long that my daughter represents it in her play. Mommy Potato Head carries TWO purses just like me.

I can’t even begin to describe the inconvenience of carrying two bags. I tried to make things easier on myself by carrying a backpack, but it didn’t help much once I had my second child. I then had to carry two bags, one baby or one GIANT baby carseat AND hold a toddler’s hand. It was impossible and looked something like this.

Not fun… and is it any wonder I threw my back out so badly last summer that I was bed-bound for almost a week?

Something miraculous happened last week. Lily decided she was a big girl who could sit on a potty without a seat, which means for the first time in two years I am only carrying ONE bag (and a 25-pound toddler and holding a preschooler’s hand, so I don’t get off THAT lightly). FREEDOM!

Tomorrow: Our super bumpy neverending road to potty training (complete with a second crudely drawn cartoon!).


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