Toy Racism Strikes Again

Last week, my biracial child was incredibly racist to her blocks. She collected all of her red blocks and put them in a little purse.

She carried them around lovingly and kept exclaiming “Oh! My red babies! They are so cute! I love my red babies!”

Then she realized a black block had gotten in with her red babies. She picked it out and threw it to the floor and left it there.

“I don’t want a black baby!”

I was shocked. Horrified. I mean, I know it’s blocks, but to just SAY you don’t want a black baby… it just sounds wrong. It may have been unintentional, but I took a few moments to point out that you should treat all blocks equally, regardless of their color. And that black blocks are cute too and we should love them.

“No. I only want red babies. I love my little red babies! They are so cute!” and then she kissed them.

I… I just don’t know what to think. Hopefully treatment of Mega Bloks doesn’t reflect on treatment of people.



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2 Responses to Toy Racism Strikes Again

  1. Susan W.

    I believe this is just a form of matching. ;) Max does the same thing. Well, he doesn’t put them in a purse and kiss them (usually), but he separates colors and shows preference to certain ones.

    • Yeah, I’m sure it wasn’t intentionally racist and more to do with color preference than racism, but just hearing “I don’t like black babies!” is horrifying!

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