Toy WTF: Dora’s Wild West Adventure MegaBloks

Check out this Dora block set and tell me if you are as baffled by it as am I.

When my grandmother bought Lily this beloved set, I promptly threw the packaging away, leaving me clueless as to what Dora is supposed to be doing here. She has a lasso, so clearly she must be lassoing something… but the only cattle available is Benny the Bull.

True, Benny IS livestock so in that sense it would make sense to lasso him, but he’s also anthropomorphised. He’s so human and so likable that it seems wrong to have Dora lassoing him. Why would she do that to him? It would knock him down and humiliate him.

But when I look more carefully at the publicity shots on Amazon, it seems that Dora is supposed to be lassoing Swiper.

Even though Swiper is sneaking around in a cactus costume, this also doesn’t seem right. True, Swiper likes stealing things from Dora and that’s wrong, but he almost always gives it back. IMMEDIATELY. He steals without a purpose besides annoyance as far as I can tell. And while I don’t condone stealing, it doesn’t seem right to lasso Swiper either. It seems counterintuitive that that’s whom Dora should be roping when there’s also a bull around. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

So I’m baffled. Perhaps this ‘Cowgirl Dora’ DVD has a Swiper lassoing scene, but I don’t know. I haven’t seen it and wasn’t able to find a descriptive enough plot summary to figure out if such a scene transpires.

So I’m left in the dark. Why the hell is Dora lassoing other characters in this toy? If only there was a regular cow or bull without human characteristics included with this toy. Then Dora would have something to lasso without ethical dilemmas.


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