Unfortunate Museum Exhibit Name

I am sure when The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis created this exhibit they had no idea the political unrest that went down in Egypt recently was about to happen, but it did. Now this sign implies that we should all want to be taken to Egypt. I’d prefer to stay away for a couple of years at least, but I’m a big chicken about potential catastrophe while traveling in foreign counties.

While things have calmed down over there, this sign was up when all of the action was going on a couple of months ago. Pretty much nobody but journalists (but not THIS journalist) wanted to travel to Egypt at that time. Imagine how strange it would be to see that sign during the riots. “Experience Egypt” may have been a better choice for an exhibit name, but how as the museum to know what was about to happen? Still, seeing that sign made both me and my friend Maria giggle on first glance. “Take Me There?” Not quite now, thanks.


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  1. Maria

    They could just add a DON’T take me there… ROFLOL

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